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Commercial security is as important as any other factor pertaining to your commercial concern. Without a proper security system at your commercial space, you can’t be assured of peace of mind and neither can the business see its growth in the manner it has to witness. Central MA Locksmith Store is adept in performing quality and advanced locksmith services for our clients. We have a commendable reputation in the Central making us superior over other locksmithing firms. Our renowned clients are offices, hotels, colleges, business centers, commercial concerns and many other business industries.

Central MA Locksmith Store, Central, MA 617-431-6046Why Central MA Locksmith Store?

  • Round-the-clock commercial locksmith services
  • Specialized commercial locksmiths
  • Mobile locksmith vehicles to serve the Central, MA
  • Custom-made locking solutions
  • Onsite locksmith services
  • Provision of consultation on commercial security flaws
  • Affordable locksmith solutions
  • Quick response to emergencies

Central MA Locksmith Store is a specialty locksmithing firm as it is formed by a team of professional locksmiths who have been qualified and trained to perform the various services that pertains to their field. We can handle anything from complex locksmithing tasks such as installation of master key systems, restricted keyway system, high-security locks to dealing with simpler locksmith issues such as performing lock repairs, lock replacement and many other services in the Central, MA area.

We offer the following commercial services to all those concerned in the :

Emergency opening and unlock

As a business concern, a typical day is filled with signing several documents, attending phone calls and meetings, preparing for conferences and much more! But when you find your productivity being ruined due to a simple lockout issue, things are certainly bound to go downhill. If such a situation happens to you, don’t delay further. Call us immediately and let us know of your commercial locksmith concerns! Our services are available for 24/7 and we will be quick to respond to you!

Lock repairs or replacement

Even the most refined locking system is likely to wear out with constant usage. Damaged locks pose a serious security threat to your commercial concern. Our skilled team of locksmiths will inspect your locking system and will either suggest affordable lock repairs or replacement according to the state of your locking system.

Safe/ File cabinet locks

Confidential documents form the root of your commercial concern and hence it is important to preserve such files from external security threats. Understanding the necessity to protect them, our locksmiths will provide you with excellent file cabinet locks in your commercial concern.

Emergency exit locks

With the high requirements set by the safety industry, we need to ensure that our firms are equipped with high-quality emergency exit locks such as push bars and panic locks. If not, it will lead to imposition of huge penalties by the inspectors. To ensure safety, Central MA Locksmith Store will install quality emergency exit locks and constantly provide maintenance services.

Master key

After a thorough inspection of your commercial space, our team of locksmiths will suggest if you need a master key or sub-master key system for the protection of your business. It is always better to offer limited access to classified information, hence master key system is the best way to do it.

High security locks

Any amount of negligence on your behalf can have a serious impact on your business that is filled with trade secrets and classified information. Central MA Locksmith Store is an expert in providing you with high security locks such as keypad locks, digital locks, restricted keyways, magnetic locks, deadbolts installation and more.

Door repairs and unlock

We provide quality door repair services if you have got a damaged door or unlock the doors if you find it jammed. With one call to us, your locksmith needs will be taken care of immediately!

Whether you need assistance in a simple locksmith issue or a complicated one, our services are available for 24/7 in the Central and we will happily serve you!